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About Joe

Joe Peay for fifteen years has been a leader in the Reverse Mortgage industry as a loan officer, consultant, and seminar speaker.  He was mentored and trained by industry pioneers who instilled in Joe the principles of senior advocacy so valued as reverse mortgages were initially being introduced to the market place. He would often say, “there is no greater joy than serving others,” and that`s what he has done for 15 years. Often times he has been called on to educate seniors, counsel families, and professionals concerning the benefits of this wonderful product.
Joe`s first employer trusted him because of his years of service to his community as a Pastor. With this mortgage in his hands he has gone into homes and earned the trust of seniors and their families all over California. Seniors sit with him and share their concerns, knowing that they will be treated like family as the benefits of financial security are communicated honestly and effectively. As the result over 450 families have benefitted from this product in fifteen years. Joe has learned that the reverse mortgage is not a fit for everyone, but sitting together you will determine if its merits apply to you and your family.
Joe and his wife Sharon recently celebrated 53 years of marriage with their three children and nine grandchildren. He has pastored for over 40 years in Los Angeles and served several organizations that advocate for Civil Rights, and education advocacy.
If you have the need of help to insure your retirement is stable and fulfilling call Joe Peay, he is honest, trustworthy, and will communicate the benefits of reverse mortgages in a way that you will understand.